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The Canadian Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) Program is derived from an evidence-based community health program of the same name originally developed at the University of Colorado. The Nurse-Family Partnership® (NFP) pairs expecting mothers with a Public Health Nurse to receive ongoing home visitation throughout pregnancy, infancy and into toddlerhood (until age 2).

NFP focuses on first time mothers as this represents a unique opportunity to promote and teach positive health and development behaviours between a mother and her baby.

Goals of the program include, 1) Improving pregnancy outcomes; 2) Improving child health and development; and 3) Improving families' economic self-sufficiency. To achieve these goals, work is invested to build a therapeutic relationship between the nurse and the client. Nurses rely on both theory and nursing clinical judgement to help clients focus on solutions and strengths while also following the client's heart's desire. This also means recognizing that only a small changes is necessary, and that the client is the expert on her own life.  

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