NFP LogoThe Nurse-Family Partnership is a program of prenatal and infancy home visiting for young, socially disadvantaged, first-time mothers. This nurse home visitation program has been evaluated in three randomized controlled trials in the US. A summary of the evidence supporting the Nurse-Family Partnership program can be accessed through

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Hear Dr. Susan Jack & Dr. Andrea Gonzalez speak about evaluating Nurse-Family Partnership in Canada (video)

Grassroots nursing for impoverished parents featuring NFP
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Mothers' experiences in the Nurse-Family Partnership Program. BMC Nursing
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Adaptation and implementation of the Nurse-Family Partnership in Canada. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 103(Suppl.1): S42-S48

British Columbia Healthy Connections Process Evaluation Communiques

Communique 1 October 30, 2014

Communique 2 Public Health Nurse Nurse-Family Partnership Education February 26, 2015

Communique 3 Nurse-Family Partnership Education (Supervisors) April 8, 2015

Communique 4 Nurse-Family Partnership Education (DANCE) April 9, 2015

Communique 5 Nurse-­‐Family Partnership Intimate Partner Violence Public Health Nurse & Supervisor Education September 14, 2015

Communique 6 Nurse-­‐Family Partnership Intimate Partner Violence Intervention – Clinical
Impact September 14, 2015

Communique 7 Organizational Capacity – Impact on Implementation of Nurse-Family Partnership October 16, 2015

Communique 8 Implementation of Core Model Element #6 – Client is Visited in her Home December 31, 2015